Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the answers to questions we are frequently asked by customers. If there is something you’d like to know which isn’t listed below just get in touch with us. We’ll be only too happy to talk through any concerns or question you may have.

How much does double glazing cost?

We offer a bespoke service so just as every home varies so will the cost of made-to measure windows. The price will depend on the material you select and the size of the windows you need.

The beauty of a bespoke window is that it will be perfect match for the space. Unlike standard size off-the-shelf windows, there is no need for additional fillers and packing materials that allow precious heat to escape. So a bespoke window from Lochinvar will save you money in the long-term by saving on your fuel costs.

What does double glazing do?

Double glazing is like enclosing your windows in a duvet, trapping in the warm air to make you extra cosy.

At Lochinvar we’ve developed our windows with all the latest energy saving features to ensure heat stays inside the house where it belongs. This helps to reduce your heating bills as well as protecting the environment. All our windows come with a BRFC energy-related label – a simple scale which will tell you how energy efficient your windows are.

Double glazed windows can also have a significant impact on reducing noise pollution.

How does double glazing work? How does double glazing prevent heat loss?

Our double glazing prevents heat escaping by using two panes of glass filling the gap with argon gas, which minimises the heat lost through heat transfer . We also add a low-e coating to all of our inner panes to reflect heat back into the home.

Lochinvar double glazed windows are fitted with ‘warm edge spacer bars’ which are made from a less-conductive material than conventional aluminium spacer bars.

What is secondary glazing?

Secondary glazing is when you add another single pane of glass on the inside of your existing window to create a double glazed unit. Our secondary glazing units are made-to-measure so they will fit perfectly into the existing window frame excluding draughts you may be experiencing with your old windows.

This is an ideal solution for homeowners who don’t want to replace their windows or may be unable to install double glazing for conservation reasons.

What is condensation?

Condensation is the moisture that occurs when warm moist air comes into contact with cooler air, or a cold surface, which is at a lower temperature.

If you currently have double glazing and condensation is appearing between the panes this is a warning sign. It may mean that the seal has become damaged and is no longer working properly. As a result, the argon gas that minimises heat loss will have escaped meaning your window is no longer performing as efficiently as it should. It may be time for you to replace your double glazing.

How long does double glazing last?

As with everything this will depend on how well you take care of it. We’ll provide you with a maintenance pack that will tell you exactly how to care for your new products.

When you choose a Lochinvar door or window, you can be rest assured that our work comes with a 100% 10 year free guarantee covering materials and workmanship together with an unlimited number of callouts.

How to install double glazing

We strongly recommend you use a professional installer to fit double glazing.

Here at Lochinvar we pride ourselves in the supply and fit of the highest quality products and services, along with exemplary customer service and excellent workmanship.

Our installers will make sure that each window fits perfectly to keep your home, quiet, cosy, safe and secure.

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